“If there's anyone who can develop a milling head which exactly fits our requirements, then it's Tramec.” We have often heard this from our clients. This spurs us on again and again to realise our ambition to be at the forefront of development and to give you our best.

No matter which Tramec product you are interested in: our experience from over 20 years of developing allows us to be by your side as a competent advisor whenever you need us. When Willy Schmid founded the company in 1991, along with reliability and innovative products one thing in particular was important to him: everything had to be focused on the wishes of his clients.

Today, our motto 'heads full of ideas' has more meaning than ever. Our interpretation of this is not only innovative ideas, but also competent consultation, quick availability and delivery, and constant contact with our clients to provide them with a unique service. Our on-site services are our unique selling point. No one else on the market delivers this service. Of course these days we do not only provide milling heads, but also an unbeatable portfolio of products and services in all areas of motor technology.

You can read more about us on the following pages – we look forward to a long and close partnership with you.


Foundation of the company by Willy Schmid

1993  Purchase and first delivery of the Tramec milling head AC 1

1996  Introduction of the milling head AC 2G 

1999  Development of the new AC 3 

2000  Delivery of the first AC 5 

Acquisition of the new company building on Brückenstrasse

2003  Introduction of the AC 6 at euromold 

2005  Presentation of the AC 7 at EMO Hanover

2007  Development of the AC 8 

2009  Presentation of the AC 11 at EMO Milan 

Further development of the AC 7 

2013  Further development of the AC 8 

2014  Development of the new TQ 1 

2014  Development of the new TAE 225